Thursday, August 04, 2005

2005,June 16th MTB Race LingYang

This was the first race for the Taiwan Bianchi RM cycling team. It took us a while to get down to Kaohsiung from Taichung. Yes, indeed, the driver got LOST! However, we finally made it after driving around lost for about half an hour.

We got up pretty early the next morning to check out the course. The riders got a chance to preride the course. One third of the course was paved and the rest was off-road. It was quite hot and the apparently they farmed mosquitoes beside the race course.

The course was perfect for Eric "Beefcake" becuase it had two steep climbs and was very technical. This explains why he won his first mountain bike race in Taiwan. His win surprized everyone at the race.

Pic 1:Beefcake after the race, just before he puked. Note the guy peeing in the background.

Pic 2: Fraser riding up on the paved section.

Pic 3: Beefcake wins and Fraser finishes second!


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