Thursday, August 04, 2005

2005, July 30th Giant Cup-XC Race

This is the 3rd race in the Giant Series. Strangely, this one wasn't held at the same location as last year. All riders prerode the course once before the race. There were a bit disppointed because it wasn't very challenging. Perhaps the organizer had a telepathic connection with the riders becuase he decided to change the XC course a day before the race. He put in a 1K hill climb on road. The riders were hoping for some more technical parts in the course. The riders were pleased that they removed most of the trash from the trail before the race.

Pic 1: Beefcake coming up!

Timothy is newly arrived American who did quite well in his first race in Taiwan. He pulled out a second place in his category. Fraser broke his chain while in the lead and DNF'd.

Beefcake finished down a little in the ranking from his previous race. He had numerous crashes (into other riders). Perhaps his name should be changed to something that involves an allusion to hockey players. Feel free to suggest another nickname.

This was Stephen "Ricecake" 's first race in Taiwan. He finished 5th in his category, which is still considered a podium finish. If the race had been longer he surely would have done better.

Pic 2: M25 catergory-Timothy Fry 2nd place.

As well as the cheque that Beefcake got for his 3th place finish he also got a very cool, pink, headband.

Pic 3: M30 catergory-Beefcake 3rd place/Ricecake 5th place.

Pic 4: Nice headband, beefcake.


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