Monday, August 08, 2005

2005, Aug. 7th Taipei 20km. Hill Climb

This race was the first real hill climb of the season. Unfortunately, we arrived a little too late to get a good warm up. We did get a chance to get some noodles from a roadside rest area. Of course the fact that the shredded carrots had an odd tint to them didn't phase Chris or Fraser.

Pic. 1 Fraser is teaching Chris how to improve is tan lines during a race. Tyler is laughing at Chris' backward helmet cover.

Fortunately, the race was shortened from
25 km. to 20 km. just before the start (though no one told the foreign riders). Bad luck, in the form of questionable food, plagued Chris at the start through the first half of the race. Needless to say, Chris felt terrible and had a lousy start. It didn't help that Fraser pushed the pace from the start, taking Tyler and 5 other riders with him. During the second half of the race Chris felt much better and managed to pass several riders on his way to a very respectable finish.

Pic. 2 Not yet able to read Chinese, Chris is unable to decipher the signs. Fraser was just confused as to why there were two identical signs one meter apart.

Tyler sat in with the leaders and Fraser got dropped about 3 km. from the finish. Tyler grabbed third place in the final sprint. Fraser took home 5th place. Overall it was nice to see 2 Bianchi riders on the "podium."
Pic. 3 Tyler is third. Fraser shows us his muscle man impression. The rider on the left is unamused with it.


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