Saturday, September 12, 2009

Developmental objectives for children attending Marshall School-Elephant Class

In the Elephant Class

The following are the objectives for the academic year that the daily, weekly and monthly lesson plans are based on. These core objectives are developmentally appropriate for four to five year old children and include the basic skills necessary for a successful transition into kindergarten. Regular staff meetings are held during the year to discuss if the objectives are being met and changes to the lesson plans are implemented if necessary. Discussions are also held to develop alternative activities and strategies if any individual falls outside the normal range of development during the year. The objectives are subdivided into three areas, cognitive, social and motor skill development.

Cognitive development

The child demonstrates the ability to write their first and last name in print, using correct technique in letter formation and without aids such as highlighters, or their name printed out for them to copy from.

The child can correctly identify all of the letters in the alphabet in print (shown non-sequentially).

Correctly identify at least seven shapes.

Correctly identify at least ten colors

Recite in correct sequence the numbers one to fifty

Demonstrate the ability to count up to and down from twelve and understand the concepts of subsets, addition and subtraction of single objects from the total.

Name the four seasons and identify at least two characteristics of each season.

Answer basic questions regarding the content of a story read to them demonstrating an understanding of the plot, characters and story line.

Demonstrate successfully the ability to follow multiple directions for task completion and perform the necessary prerequisites (such as writing their names at the top of the page and getting the necessary supplies) without direction.

Demonstrate the ability to place in the correct sequence routine events depicted in four picture story lines.

Show the pre-literacy skills of sounding out words by letter, recognizing the first letter in a word by sound and utilizing the beginning principles of phonics.


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